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High Performance Surveillance System Reader U2SR for Surveillance/Reconnaissance Anytime, Anywhere

Surveillance System

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Introduction of U2SR’s excellent surveillance systems

  • SniperSniper
  • Sniper77Sniper77
  • HawkEyeV2HawkEyeV2
  • HawkEyeV2SHawkEyeV2S
  • HawkEyeV3kHawkEyeV3k
  • HawkEyeV3lHawkEyeV3L
  • HawkEyeV4lHawkEyeV4L
  • HawkEyeV5HawkEyeV5


Sniper (Joystick)

Sniper (Joystick)

Product Introduction

This system combines high magnification lens and high performance cameras for wide area or long distance video surveillance or identification. It is used for border and coastline surveillance, disaster prevention surveillance, port surveillance, and forest fire surveillance. It is provided as fixed or mobile equipment, depending on the operation environment and conditions, and has a simple structure.

The system can be remotely controlled, wired or wireless, and up to 99 location coordinates of the target to be observed can be designated for automatic mobile observation. If necessary, video recording functions can be added.

Product Features

  • - High magnification (max 200 times)
  • - Observation part, rotation part, fastening part, and control part can be separated (lightweight transport).
  • - 3 speed control: high, mid, and low speed
  • - Instant transition of low magnification → high magnification → low magnification
  • - Electronic compass and equilibrator
  • - Select, save, and automatically search 99 location coordinates of observation target
  • - Unlimited save and automatic search functions for observation target location coordinates (when using PC controller)
  • - Precision control functions of resolving power 0.075° (long distance precision surveillance)

Fields of Use

  • - Short and long distance surveillance at border regions, observation information collection-analysis-recording-saving
  • - Coastline surveillance, identification, check and surveillance of ships at sea
  • - Can be used as a vehicle-mounted mobile observation system
  • - Install on warships for surveillance and monitoring at sea
  • - Use for guarding and protection of power generators, dams, plants, and other important national facilities
  • - Airport, runway, fire surveillance, progress observation analysis, firefighting support
  • - Convenient installation and mobility

Product Specifications

Product Specifications
Low magnification Zoom single type: 37 times
High magnification lens 2,000mm
Detection distance People 20km
Vehicles 25km
Composition High magnification part, low magnification part, operation part, tripod, power box controller (mobile controller)
Wired 1km (wireless/optical communication)


Sniper image

[Sniper image]