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High Performance Surveillance System Reader U2SR for Surveillance/Reconnaissance Anytime, Anywhere


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Business Fields

Optical instruments

Remote control electronic circuits

Equipment design and production

Mid to long-range security and
surveillance equipment

Day and night special camera
applied systems

Remote control equipment

Precision Pan/Tilt

Construction of Mission Oriented System



System Solution Business

Proprietary Technologies

High Performance Surveillance System

First generation long distance surveillance equipment developed in Korea named LX-200, Schmidt, Sniper, Hawkeye,
Dongmyeong Eye, etc.

U2SR owns second generation day and night long distance surveillance equipment for special purposes with enhanced “identification” (identification of friend and foe).

Due to the importance of information and the development of systems, instead of simply having detection and recognition, “identification” is also being demanded. The military wants to know the rank of the subject of surveillance and exactly who it is.

The high performance surveillance system developed by U2SR is a complex surveillance system that can completely configure detection → recognition → identification, and it is the only equipment that can satisfy the current demand for detection, recognition, identification, and surveillance systems for our military.

Image Compensation Solution/Controller

The video compensation solution analyzes and compensates videos/photos. It uses technology that can recognize/identify objects that are not visible due to fog or dust.

The total unmanned guarding system is divided into detection, surveillance, detection and control systems.

The tactics control system must comprehensively control the total unmanned guarding system.

U2SR developed and is supplying tactics control systems for field surveillance experts.