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High Performance Surveillance System Reader U2SR for Surveillance/Reconnaissance Anytime, Anywhere

Surveillance System

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Introduction of U2SR’s excellent surveillance systems

  • Sniper


  • Sniper77


  • HawkEyeV2


  • HawkEyeV2S


  • HawkEyeV3k


  • HawkEyeV3l


  • HawkEyeV4l


  • HawkEyeV5





Product Introduction

New concept observation equipment for
ground unmanned reconnaissance

Product Features

  • - Capture, record, play
  • - Register up to 99 targets per group with shortcut functions
  • - Panorama functions (max 355 degrees, 6 cuts)
  • - Mark preset target location and current location in panorama
  • - Video improvement function support for fog and sea fog
  • - Shaking prevention function for stable real-time videos
  • - GPS mounting (latitude and longitude/UTM/8 stage military coordinates) and angle and mil unit indication

Fields of Use

  • - Optimal surveillance, check of warships at sea, coastline surveillance
  • - Counter-infiltration mission planning, long distance strategy surveillance
  • - Mobile surveillance system by installing on vehicles
  • - Install on warships for surveillance and reconnaissance at sea
  • - Guarding and security: power generators, dams, plants, and other internationally important facility surveillance
  • - Aircraft identification, classification, estimated judgment, airport, runway, airfield edge surveillance
  • - Ignition observation, fire reconnaissance, reconnaissance observation and analysis, firefighting activity

Product Specifications

Product Specifications
Model HawkEyeV4L
Day time Low Magnification All-in-one type zoom camera
High Magnification Focal Length 2500mm
Detection Range Human: 15km
Vehicle: 20km
UAV: 40km
Laser Range Finder
Range Performance 8km to 10,00km
Range Resolution 5m
Target Discrimination 5km
Laser Type Erbium glass, 1.54μm
Safety Class Class 1 according to ANSI Z136.
1–2000 Class 1M according to IEC
60825-1 Ed 1.2 of 2001-08
Night Thermal
Focal Length 150mm (f: 1.0)
Pixel Pitch 17um
Spectral Range 7 ~ 14um (LWIR)
Resolution 640 (H) x 480 (V) Pixels
Zoom 8x Digital Zoom
Cooler Type Uncoold Type
Human : 6Km
Vehicle : 10Km
UAV : 20Km
Pan/Tilt Rotation angle PAN : 360 ° (continuous)
TILT : +30 ° ~ -30 °
GPS,  DMC, Small Manipulator
Rotation speed Min  Speed : 0.1°/sec
Mat Speed : 10°/sec
Possible to do low, medium, and high speed control
Controller 2 Channel Image Display, Panorama realization