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High Performance Surveillance System Reader U2SR for Surveillance/Reconnaissance Anytime, Anywhere


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U2SR stands for Unmanned, Ubiquitous, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (U2SR) and is a company that has developed unmanned systems for surveillance and reconnaissance for anytime, anywhere.

Under the company name of Korea Unix, it began R&D on long distance surveillance equipment since 1995 for unmanned reconnaissance. This kind of surveillance is the first step in future warfare and is currently being operated by the military.

In 2009, the company changed its name from Korea Unix to U2SR and participated in various military development projects,
such as the mid to long-range surveillance systems Schmidt, Sniper, Hawkeye, Dongmyeong Eye, Argos, and sentry robots, as well as the navy’s high performance surveillance system. It also established the U2SR R&D Center to expand its range of business and is participating in R&D projects for total (detection system, laser, radar, precision optics) unmanned guarding systems.

Living up to the name of U2SR, we will do our best for the development of national defense technologies to contribute to the strength of our military for future warfare.
Thank you for your support.